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Experience Bridgend like never before! Discover the stories of the valleys around Bridgend, including Dr Richard Price, the Maid of Cefn Ydfa, Thomas Evans and many more. Track dinosaurs, smelt iron, uncover lost treasure and hunt ghosts in 17 unique augmented reality experiences.

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17 unique experiences across 6 Bridgend locations.

Use the latest augmented reality technology to discover the history, myths, legends of Bridgend.

The 17 experiences are spread across 6 hubs - Ogmore Valley, Bridgend & it's Castles, Garw Valley, Industrial Times, Porthcawl & the Coast and Maesteg & the Llynfi Valley. The Digital Bridgend app with all 17 experiences will be available on Apple and Android phones.

New for 2015.

Create your own trails and treasure hunts and publish through Digital Bridgend. Designed for schools, events and attractions in the County of Bridgend. Create points of interest and attach clues, quizzes, characters, and media. Publish publicly or create privately for a class project or visiting friends.

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